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The other Family......

As I mentioned earlier, Tony has two families, the one I am about to get into although not biological, it is just as important as his biological family.    The business of the "mafia" has always been controlled by various "family" nucleus'. The Soprano crew cash flow is dependent on various businesses such as gambling, fencing of stolen goods, protection, prostitution, stock manipulations and financing those whose credit isn't exactly A1.   All of money's derived from these illegal activities has a cash flow where the various members of the crew are paid their due, according to the rank in the family.    The family tree usually consists of a Boss, Underboss, various crews, who have soldiers, and the soldiers have associates.


(Uncle Junior)


(Tony Soprano)

Crew w/Capo         Crew w/Capo        Crew w/Capo


         ****     SOLDIERS    ****                  

*********** ASSOCIATES ************

This is the feeding chain in a crime family.

Silvio Dante is considered Tony Soprano's Consigliere.   Silvio owns the Bada Bing Gentlemen's club with Tony Soprano, even though Tony is not involved in the daily operation of the club.    Silvio, acts as a level head with Tony advising him on the daily decisions that have to be made.    Married to Gabrielle, Silvio has a daughter who attended High School with Tony's daughter Meadow.

Little Steven Van Zandt

Silvio Dante is Steven Van Zandt first acting attempt.   Mr. Van Zandt is best known for being one of the founding members of  The E Street Band with Bruce Springsteen.    Steven has his own radio program which has been doing well, which gives opportunities to new bands and old bands.   For more information on his radio program and Mr. Van Zandt please visit his website.

Paulie Walnuts is a Capo in Tony Sopranos crew.    Christopher Moltisanti, a recently Made man, is under Paulies wing.    Christopher job is to be a "earner" and to kick back a substantial part of his earnings to Paulie Walnuts.   Paulie Walnuts birth name is Peter Paul Gualtieri. He earned the nickname "Paulie Walnuts" when he hijacked a truck which he thought was loaded with high end electronics only to discovered that it was a truckload of Walnuts.    Paulie Walnuts has recently become more involved in the daily affairs of his mother and is facing some of the same issues Tony faced with Livia.    Assisted care at Green Grove retirement home is costly and Paulie has had to become more creative in his earning to meet his mothers needs.

Tony Sirico


Paulie Walnuts is played by Tony Sirico.  A Brooklyn resident, Mr. Sirico first movie was in 1978.   To see Mr. Sirico's movie career click here

Tony Soprano in season 4 has decided that Christopher Moltisanti will administer all of Tony's directives to the crew.  Unbeknownst to him, Christopher has an escalating drug problem that was addressed in season 4 also. Whether Christopher's first attempt at sobriety will be successful, at this point is not known, but we all wish his character the best.    Christopher is not related to Tony, even though Tony affectionately refers to him as his "nephew".    Christopher is Carmela's cousin's child, so Christopher is a relative by his marriage into the De Angelis family.    Christopher was "made" in season 3 in the basement of Paulie Walnuts mother Nunna.   Being a "made man" has always been an aspiration of Christopher, having grown up in the mafia culture, he admired the past accomplishments of the crime life style.   Adriana La Cuerva is Christopher's fiancée but no date has been set.

Michael Imperioli

The character of Christopher Moltisanti is played by Michael Imperioli.    Mr. Imperioli has appeared in many movies and also directed "Summer of Sam" with Spike Lee.   He has also written several episodes of The Sopranos.


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